Customer experience principles

Key customer outcomes of the MarketHub experience

Shell MarketHub design has been informed by eight core principles which underpin the joint Global Commercial/Retail Customer Experience Strategy. They are based on desirable outcomes for customers and include statements describing how it should feel to be a user of Shell MarketHub:

Help me help myself

I feel empowered to manage everything I want to manage myself

You’ve provided me with all the information, tools and support I need to take control

Make everyday tasks frictionless

You get the fundamentals right

When it comes to my everyday transactions and tasks, the basics work beautifully

Expertise is on tap

When I need advice or technical help I know where to go

I can always access the right information when I need it

Shine a light on problems and opportunities

I don’t feel kept in the dark when things change or go wrong

I always know what’s happening with my orders and deliveries

You pro-actively communicate new and useful information about products and services

Communicate my way

No matter what I’m doing I can choose the channel which best suits me – in the office, in the field or on the road I feel in control

Communication feels joined up and I’m always moving forward even when I move through different channels or people

Remember me and make it relevant

You recognise me and give me relevant tools and information

You understand that one size doesn’t fit all

My experience feels personalised based on what you know about me

Listen, learn and close the loop

I feel I’m being listened to and that you understand the priority of my issues

You take ownership and initiative to resolving my issues swiftly

You give me confidence by showing me how things have been improved

Plug into my business

I don’t need to re-engineer my business around yours

It’s easy to work with you and integrate into my process and systems

There’s no cumbersome manual work-arounds, and extra work