Welcome to the Shell MarketHub UX design repository

What is the Design Repository?

This site captures reusable User Experience (UX) design patterns and visual design standards which apply to all MarketHub platform-based and associate sites. The Design Repository consists of two major sections:

Pattern Library

UX patterns provide a single source of information and resuable HTML markup for user interface design and development. Each pattern consists of provides guidance on the correct usage and working examples as well as the code required to create the UI components.

Visual Style Guide

The Style Guide provides the visual design information used to create the MarketHub look and feel. It shows how the MarketHub visual design relates to oneShell and Shell VI standards, and the major points of departure from these which make MarketHub an authorised variation on the standard online brand guidelines.

Who should use the Design Repository and why?

Product owners (business)

  • Increase your own and your team's awareness of MarketHub UX design standards
  • Understand where your product can have unique design & what is defined by MarketHub
  • Understand how MarketHub standards reduce risk by increasing VI compliance and reducing cost


  • Find accurate and up-to-date materials for UI components behaviour, rules, interactions and design
  • Create UI consistency across releases / platforms
  • Make re-use of standard UI assets and reduce unnecessary coding effort

Project managers

  • Ensure compliance with mandatory elements of MarketHub UX standards
  • Create efficiencies through reuse of mature UI components & code
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance with Shell online standards for VI and accessibility

UX designers & standards owners

  • Define new patterns / modify existing patterns
  • Maintain version control of documents
  • Police application of MarketHub UI components and promote it's uptake and use

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to questions about using the Design Repository, UI governance, technical requirements and more.

Frequently asked questions

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